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We focus on brands we really believe in and love

In a world dominated by a handful of global mass-market brands that value volume and growth above all else to satisfy investors rather than customers, we want to provide a space where people just like us, who love our sports, can come and find equipment that will see you through years of company.

We are Tangsrud, we focus on brands that we truly believe in and love, some have been around for 100 years and are still owned by the same family and some are recently started by people who just felt there was a way to do things better.

As suitable gear heads we tried everything before deciding to put them on our site. We probably never have most of the brands, but you shouldn’t have to browse through hundreds of items before seeing anything interesting. What we decided to offer is the best there is.

Please check back from time to time to see what new features we have added.

Considering our background, we work with many Scandinavian and North American brands:

  • Some we grew up with
  • Others we met through our travels and friends

Scandinavian outdoor brands have a long history of manufacturing high-quality ski, mountain and sportswear. It’s the only way you can still enjoy the outdoors given the harsh weather there, so it’s a natural fit for us.

Sport as a lifestyle

Growing up in Norway, we continue to enjoy all the sports we grew up with, be it cycling, alpine skiing, telemark or cross-country skiing, hiking in the mountains with our skis, skateboarding, golf, ice hockey, racket sports.

Since leaving Norway we have lived everywhere, in Copenhagen, Milan, London, Kuala Lumpur and Madrid.

Our Products
Quality and Innovation
The best sports equipment for sports in nature

We are Tangsrud, we truly believe that there are people out there looking for the best sportswear possible that will keep you dry, warm or cold asnecessary, and allow you to spend more time doing what you love. Maybe having a couple of items that are not what the neighbour wears on the Saturday ride, a bag that you know you can pass on to your kids, items that will be with you for years.

Ultimately, this place is about you, not us. We want to hear from you, suggest new brands, review the items you buy, give us your feedback, and help us build this site to be the place we all want.